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Commercial solar power in Melbourne is a specialisation of HDC Electrical and Solar. We help businesses of all sizes throughout Melbourne and surrounds. We specialise in the installation, upgrade and repair of commercial solar energy systems up to 1MW.

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    From start to finish HDC were extremely professional. They explained the solar installation process and held our hand throughout, going above and beyond to ensure we qualified for every rebate that was applicable…

    Tobil & Co
    Dingley Village, Victoria 3172

    Posted on

    The quotation and proposal was in-depth with plenty of information, we received plenty of help and details regarding rebates, and the installation was efficient and didn’t affect our business trade…

    Wandin North, Victoria 3139

    Posted on

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    Reliable Installs for Your Business at a Competitive Price

    Our fully qualified local team is backed by over 15 years of experience in the solar industry. We understand that in business, reliability is paramount. That’s why we deliver prompt, reliable service and install high quality components that are proven to last in Australian conditions.

    When you’re serious about solar for your business, don’t settle on something cheap that can cause headaches down the road. Contact HDC Electrical and Solar now for high quality and reliability at a competitive price.

    Commercial solar panel installation for a Melbourne business.
    HDC Electrical and Solar staff performing a commercial solar install.

    Why Choose Commercial Solar?

    • Savings That Add Up: By harnessing the sun’s energy, you’ll significantly reduce your monthly electricity bills, freeing up capital for more critical investments.
    • Environmental Responsibility: Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and reduce your company’s carbon footprint. Solar energy is clean, green, and future-proof.
    • Increased Property Value: A solar installation can increase the value of your commercial property, providing a tangible return on your investment.
    • Reliable Energy Source: Solar power keeps your operations running even during grid outages, ensuring business continuity.

    Quality Guaranteed Workmanship

    Each of our solar installs includes a 5 year warranty on solar workmanship. In the rare event anything goes wrong with your solar energy setup, be rest assured that you have the expert team at HDC Electrical and Solar ready to help you out.

    Our panels feature a range of long warranties that provide you with great cover. These range from 12 to 40 years on the product and performance.

    Experienced Commercial Solar Installer

    Our team of commercial solar installers in Melbourne have over 15 years’ experience in the electrical and solar industries. We’ve helped many small businesses to larger companies save on energy costs.

    We’re an Approved Solar Retailer with the Clean Energy Council of Australia. We’re also a member of the Master Electricians Australia. These memberships are an assurance of the high quality work we perform for all of our solar and electrical installations.

    HDC team installing commercial solar in Melbourne for a business.
    Melbourne city, freeway and large businesses from a distance.

    Helping Businesses throughout Melbourne Victoria

    Our team provide professional installations for businesses of all sizes and types throughout Melbourne, Victoria. This includes suburbs with significant industrial usage, such as Dandenong, Tottenham or Port Melbourne, which can include warehouses and manufacturers. We also assist businesses in suburbs with a commercial and residential mix, such as restaurant and retail stores in Fitzroy, Brunswick or Footscray, to name a few.

    Whether you’re located in the East, North, South or West of Melbourne, we can help you.

    Australian Owned and Operated

    We’re a locally owned and operated company. Supporting local is important to us. We focus on delivering quality for all of our customers throughout Melbourne. Our team perform solar panel, battery and inverter installations to the highest of Australian standards.

    Solar panels installed by HDC on a Victorian farm shed.
    A commercial solar panel fixed to a roof.

    How the Process Works

    We’ll Take Care of Everything

    Whatever the size of your business, our expert solar team can you help you through it all with our straightforward installation and support process.

    We take care of everything. We provide an in-depth consultation, clean installation, organise a quality external inspector and handle all paperwork required for your solar install.

    1. Finding a System to Suit Your Business

    After contacting us, our experts will help you determine an ideal solar power storage system to suit the requirements of your business. Every business is different, for example the needs of a manufacturing plant may differ greatly to that of a storage warehouse, office, supermarket, restaurant or retail store.

    Solar panels installed on top of a Victorian business roof.

    2. Prompt Installation

    Once you give the go ahead, we’ll arrange a time with you and arrive promptly onsite. Our solar technicians work thoroughly to ensure a high quality installation while also minimising any interruptions to your business activities.

    Two HDC staff installing a commercial solar panel in Melbourne.

    3. Thorough Inspection and Completion

    We diligently follow the requirements of installing solar in Victoria.

    After we’ve installed your business-grade solar energy system, it is inspected by an external solar inspector. The external inspector we use is incredibly thorough, emphasising our commitment to quality, durability and safety.

    We submit all of the paperwork on your behalf while helping you get every rebate possible. Your new solar setup is now approved and running smoothly.

    A commercial solar installation inspection.

    4. Ongoing Support

    In the future, if you require any upgrades or support for your existing system, then we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best service and products, from installation to support years down the track. Every solar installation from us includes a 5 year workmanship warranty.

    HDC Electrical and Solar van beneath a roof with solar.

    Installing An Extensive Range of High Quality Solar Products for Businesses

    Commercial solar panels being installed.

    Commercial Solar Panels

    We provide businesses with commercial solar panels that are tested in Australian environments. For over a decade, we’ve seen what does and doesn’t work on the roofs of Australian businesses. The panels that we install are durable and made to have a long life, providing you with great power generation for years to come. When you’re looking for commercial solar panels in Melbourne, get in touch with our experts at HDC Electrical and Solar. We’ll advise, provide and install solar panels suited for your business needs at a competitive price, complemented by high quality standards.

    Commercial solar inverter and cables installed on a wall.

    Commercial Inverters

    We provide inverters of different sizes and features, made to suit small businesses to larger companies. Their features can include individual panel monitoring, EV charging, built-in energy monitoring and much more. Competitive pricing is a standard of every inverter we provide and install, while also adhering to quality Australian standards.

    Solaredge battery mounted on a wall in Melbourne.

    Commercial Batteries

    Matching battery capacity to your system and needs is important. A business can have considerable amounts of energy usage compared to the average home. In warehousing, manufacturing and retail sectors, among other industries, energy usage can increase greatly. Don’t get caught out with inadequate power storage. Our expert team at HDC Electrical and Solar can advise you on the ideal batteries to suit your requirements. As part of your solar install, we’ll install the suited batteries in a safe manner using high quality components to ensure longevity.

    Commercial solar panels with sun beams.

    The Benefits of Commercial Solar

    Save on Energy Costs

    The big perk of why businesses choose solar is to reduce and save on ongoing electricity costs. Overtime, businesses can experience a great return on their investment. Enquire with our team to discuss your needs and the energy costs you could save on.

    Environmentally Friendly

    More and more businesses are turning to solar power as a way to do their bit for the environment.

    With a solar energy system up and running, many businesses choose to inform their client or customer base about their new solar acquisition. In this day and age, people are becoming increasingly concerned with the environment and want to support businesses that feature sustainable elements.

    By using solar power for your business, not only can you save on energy costs overtime, you can also help the environment and improve your environmental image.

    Keep the Lights and Work On

    Power outage at your workplace? There’s nothing quite like the power going out to grind work to a halt. That would be the absolutely last thing you need with impending deadlines, hungry customers or demanding clients. Depending on your industry, a solar battery backup system could be enough to keep your lights and devices on during a power outage. These backups can be great for studios, offices, storage warehouses and some shop fronts, keeping staff able to work and jobs turning over. Larger sized businesses with more electrical devices to run will require a greater battery backup system. In some cases, it may be most cost effective for a business to keep just the lights and specific power points on in an office during a black out. We can help you determine what battery backup systems are suitable for your business requirements.

    Case Studies – How We Have Delivered the Best of Commercial Solar in Melbourne

    We’ve helped many businesses capture solar energy and save on their electricity bill. Whatever the size of your business in Melbourne, we can help you.

    Business Case Study
    Tobil & Co Solar Installation

    Tobil & Co are a baby products supplier. They’re located in the suburb of Dingley Village within the south-east area of Melbourne.

    Customer Goal

    Wanted to reduce electricity bill and make a green commitment.

    Stats and Benefits

    Approx estimated annual production: 24,289 kWh.

    Estimated annual savings on electricity bill: $3,423.11.

    Owner Review

    “From start to finish HDC were extremely professional. They explained the solar installation process and held our hand throughout, going above and beyond to ensure we qualified for every rebate that was applicable. Their installation team were fantastic. I could not recommend more highly. Thank you to the whole HDC Team!”

    Toby Simmons
    Tobil & Co – Dingley Village, Victoria 3172

    View the Original 5 Star Review on Google

    Solar installation on the Tobil & Co business roof.
    Community Bendigo Bank Wandin-Seville roof solar installation.

    Business Case Study
    Wandin-Seville Solar Installation

    Wandin-Seville are a community bank branch of Bendigo Bank. The branch is operated by the local public company Wandin Seville Financial Services. They’re located in the suburb of Wandin North, 40km east of Melbourne’s CBD.

    Customer Goal

    “Our goal was to reduce our electricity costs whilst making an investment to help our business be greener and more environmentally friendly.”

    Stats and Benefits

    Approx estimated annual production: 19,668 kWh.

    Estimated annual savings on electricity bill: $5,664.00.

    Owner Review

    “HDC Electrical and Solar gave us A+ service throughout the whole process of our commercial solar installation. The quotation and proposal was in-depth with plenty of information, we received plenty of help and details regarding rebates, and the installation was efficient and didn’t affect our business trade. The whole team have been great a big thank you for all their help and patience.”

    Wandin North, Victoria 3139

    View the Original 5 Star Review on Google

    Commercial solar install on a business roof in Melbourne.

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