Solar energy inverter connected to a wall in a home.


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    Goodwe inverter being professionally installed at a Melbourne home.

    Quality Inverters for Homes throughout East Melbourne and the Yarra Valley

    HDC Electrical and Solar install high quality inverters so home owners can use their own solar power safely and easily.

    We provide a range of inverters from industry leading brands with 5 to 12 year product warranties.

    Solar panels mounted on a modern building.

    Our Inverter Range


    Fronius is synonymous for quality and reliability, from a sleek design to customer and installer support, they are at the top of the grid connect inverter pile. Although somewhat expensive, be rest assured you have got what you paid for.


    • One storage solution to back up the entire home
    • One inverter that does it all: ready for battery and EV charging, includes built-in energy monitoring
    • One flexible system to meet every future homeowner need
    • High performance

    Manufacturers Warranty

    Product: 5 years* (Plus 5 upon product registration)

    Fronius Primo Inverter for solar power energy.


    Sungrow inverters offer a quality product at an affordable price. They have been producing inverters for a long time and have a well-established tech and warranty support network. We often use Sungrow and they come highly recommended.


    • Self-Powered Home
    • Backup Power
    • Energy Savings
    • Home Energy Control

    Manufacturers Warranty

    Product: 10 years

    Sungrow inverter for solar power.


    Solaredge uses power optimisers in conjunction with a centralised inverter. Each solar panel is connected to an optimiser, this has the advantage that each panel works individually and if there is shading or partial shading of the array it only effects the panel that are shaded. Solaredge can give individual panel monitoring ie. you see how much solar each panel is producing, or if there is a fault it can be found more easily. Best utilised in situations where shading may occur.

    Manufacturers Warranty

    Product: 12 Years, extendable to 20 to 25 years, depending on inverter model.

    Solaredge HD Wave inverter for homes or small business.

    Enphase Micro Inverters

    Enphase is a trusted and reliable product we have always used. Each solar panel is connected to a micro inverter, this converts solar panel DC power, to AC usable power. The advantages of this are the return cable from the roof to switchboard is in AC voltage, this is a much safer form of current than DC, thus safer for your home. Other advantages of Enphase include no centralised inverter and Enphases superior monitoring that comes standard with every Enphase installation. It is a great way to track your power production and consumption usage, whilst also being able to track each panels performance individually. Each panel works individually so advantageous if shading may occur.

    Manufacturers Warranty

    Product: 10 years

    Solar Enphase Micro Inverters.


    Goodwe is our entry level inverter. They are a well-established company with a good support network. If you are looking for something to do a sound job, but not spend big dollars, Goodwe is the right option for you. A huge advantage of Goodwe inverter, is their MS series, they range from 5KW up to 8.5KW in single phase and are the only string inverter to have three MPPTs. This allows for solar to be installed on three azimuths (three different facing roofs) usually East, North and West.

    Manufacturers Warranty

    Product: 10 years

    Goodwe solar power inverter.

    Solar panels connected to an inverter at a Melbourne home .

    Get the Best of Inverters for Residential Use

    Quality Inverters for Homes

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